13 Most Controversial Scenes on Screen in 2015

Posted 2016/01/01 5124 0

2015 is a huge milestone for the world's television industry in general and America's in particular. There are more hot series released, more classic ones aired and more shocking incidents made to attract fans. And here are 13 most controversial in American TV series last year.

1.    Glenn Play Dead in The Walking Dead

After a zombie pulls out his organs, Glenn turns out still healthy and eager. However, after his fake death was revealed, it created plenty of nonstop debates for a while.

2.    Sansa Get Raped in Game of Thrones

Just to increase the drama for the movie as well as add some spice to the game, Sansa had to be a guinea pig in an unnecessary and somewhat distasteful scene in Game of Thrones. Needless to say how angry the series' fans are.

3.    Hot Scenes in American Horror Story 

Coming back after a terribly dull Freakshow, American Horror Story: Hotel brings the audience the first episodes full of hot scenes. Of course, the most impressive and memorable is the extremely violent sex scene of the Countess with her pitiable boyfriend. The scene is considers as unnecessary and distasteful to many viewers.

4.    Fish, an Eye and a Spoon in Gotham

Fish Mooney did the most horrific thing in Gotham, she gouged out her own eye with a spoon! Unfortunately, she was defeated easily by Penguin in the last episode, and dead or not, she was successful in impressing the viewers.

5.    Derek Shepherd’s Death in Grey’s Anatomy

Nothing can describe the mood of the fans after watching this episode. They have to witness their favorite character have an accident, be taken to hospital in critical condition and then Meredith put an end to his pain.

6.    Pretty Little Liars Reveal Identity of A

The biggest secret of the movie is finally revealed, and it shocks a lot of people. It's unbelievable, but not in a good way. After transsexual surgery, Charles DiLaurentis lives under the name Charlotte and then changes to CeCe Drake so nobody can doubt. This character is not impressive, does not have much of room to play in the movie,but now turns out to be the key character since the first episode, well, this obviously does not satisfy a large number of fans.

7.    Jon Snow Stabbed to Death in Game of Throne

Again, Game of Thrones, with the scene where Jon snow being stabbed to death. After the episode, Olly has officially become the most hated character for being in only a few scenes but already killing two favorite characters. No one knows how the future of the land is, while villains continually appear and protagonist gradually die or get raped brutally.

8.    How To Get Away With Murder’s Key Villain

HTGAWM is obviously good at shocking its fans with it abilities to create dramas. However, perhaps the moment no one can imagine is the one where the identity of the murder killing Lila Stangard in Season 1 is revealed. It's Frank, a diligent and loyal character since the very beginning. Needless to say how stunned the viewers can get.

9.    Felicity Get Shot Arrow

We can't know whether this main character will come back as Oracle with her power or not, but the bullet lodged in her body seems to try to assert that it is the last time we see her. However, the possibility of her coming back is pretty high, especially in this series. It is just familiar, you know.

10.    Mr. Robot Reveal Mr. Robot

Once we know that Elliot has some mental disease, we can figure out pieces of the movie. Mr. Robot is actually his father, Darlene is his sister. And the most important thing, Elliot's father died, that's the reason why he became paranoid and ultimately create the whole world of “Mr. Robot”.

11.    Jerome's Early Retirement in Gotham

No matter how cruel and insane he is, Jerome is still one of our most favorite in Gotham. The character's unpredictability as well as the great acting of Cameron Monaghan win over Gotham's fans. Therefore, the moment Galavan shoots Jeremy makes a lot of us sad.

12.    Eddie’s Death in The Flash

It could be said that The Flash is one of the best series with its clever plot twists. However, the audience drop their jaws when seeing Eddie end his life to prevent Reverse Flash. Although this character is not really important and predicted to die soon, but his sacrifices impresses the viewers just a lot.

13.    Wilson Fisk Remove a Head in Daredevil

Marvel fans become so accustomed to violence in its movies, however, the ones in Daredevil are still somehow overwhelming. The movie don't rely on CGI or mighty warriors, it impresses the viewers with real and practical scenes. And the climax of the movie might be the scene where Wilson Fisk literally removes a Russian's head, using a car door. That how Daredevil created a terrifying, captivating villain in Wilson Fisk!