21 Surprises for Fans from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Many details in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" of DC will make you scratch your head because they are so only-fan-know!

(Spoiler Warning)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the second movie of DC Extended Universe, following Man of Steel, and it's also the prequel for a movie about Wonder Woman, another one about Justice League, etc. Therefore, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice concludes quite a lot of details hinting the future of DC Extended Universe. Let's take a look at these 21 Easter Eggs Zack Snyder leaves for us!

1. The Past of Bruce Wayne

Like Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice also opens with the explanation of Batman's background. This segment is inspired by the comics The Dark Knight Returns, published in 1986 by Frank Miller with many similarities such as Thomas Wayne having a moustache, a string of black pearls stuck on the barrel as well as the dream of young Bruce about being surrounded by bats after accidentally falling into a dark cave.

2. The Movie in The Destiny Night

Two movies released in theaters at that time are The Mask of Zorro and Excalibur. The Mask of Zorro is the one that the Waynes watched in that destiny night, which was disclosed the first time in The Dark Knight Returns. Meanwhile, Excalibur shows that it happened in 1981.

This is also the first movie we can see the name of Bill Finger at the beginning. It makes a lot of sense because Bill Finger played a big role in the movie. 

3. Anatoli Knyazev

Anatoli Knyazev is another villain in the comics, known as KGBeast, created in 1988. Anatoli used to make appearance in a few episodes of the series Arrow.

4. Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Clark bringing flowers and groceries to Lois reminds us a short scene where he uses heat vision to cook a meal for Lois and flies around the world only to bring her some flowers. The scene also depicts issues between Clark and Lois when Lois realizes that Clark belongs to the world, not only her.  

5. Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth appeared the first time in Batman #16, 1943. Like other old characters in Batman, Alfred was created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson. Alfred originally has quite different personalities, but over time he has become such a "bad-ass" as he is today. 

6. Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor first appeared in Action Comics # 23 in 1940 with a shiny red hair. Later, Lex was revealed as the abbreviation of Alexander or Alexei and he was also a childhood friend of Clark Kent before an accident in a lab destroyed his hair.

Luthor is a bad guy in all fields he has gone throughout his career, from a scientist, a boss and ultimately the American president.

Mercy Graves is Lex Luthor's personal bodyguard, an extremely "cool" character. However, she does not have many chances to appear in the movies. Mercy first appeared in Superman: The Animated Series.

7. Channel 8

In Metropolis news channel, Channel 8 is actually the official broadcast station of GBS. The audience can easily identify the GBS microphone during a press conference afterwards.

8. Krytonite’s Appearance

The appearance of Krytonite in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is quite similar in Superman: The Movie. After Superman is attacked by Batman's Kryptonite-laced spear, Lois throws it into the water, which is inspired by the ending of Superman: The Movie.

9. Two Policemen

The appearance of the two policemen also reminds us of the scene in The Dark Knight Returns where Batman is back to action, helping two policemen arresting criminals. When one of them is quite young to know Batman, the other told him to stop to "enjoy the show". This scene also appeared in The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 when Christian Bale comes back after a long retirement.

10. Dialogues and Costumes

"The next generation of Waynes will inherit an empty wine cellar" is taken from The Dark Knight Returns.

Batman's costume is totally similar to the artwork of Frank Miller.

Robin's costume evokes the event of "A Death in Family" in 1988, when the second Robin is beaten with a crowbar by Joker and killed by an explosion in a warehouse afterwards.

The scene where Batman standing on top of a tower with a gun is also taken from The Dark Knight Returns.

"Freaks dressed like clowns" implies Joker and his gang.

The scene where Superman lifting a Russian rocket above his head is also taken from the same comics. 

The question of Senator Finch "Must there be a Superman," is taken from Superman # 247 set in 1972.

11. Darkseid and His Minions

In the nightmare of Batman, viewers can easily realize the wicked villain of DCEU. That is Darkseid, the most infamous character of DC, created by Jack Kirby. The symbol in the desert is made by Darkseid and his winged minions, Parademons.

12. The Flash

The image of The Flash appears in the dream of Bruce Wayne is the DCEU version of Ezra Miller. Flash seems to come from a different timeline, warning Batman of what's ahead. It's similar to Crisis on Infinite Earths, when Flash appears in the dreams of many superheroes to warn them of the upcoming destruction disasters.

13. Scot McNairy

Scott McNairy is rumoured to play Hal Jordan/Jimmy Olsen/Ted Kord/Morgan Edge/Che Guevara/Spider-Man/Ad Nauseum. But in the end he plays the role of Wallace Keefe, a totally brand new character.

14. Lex Luthor and Zod

The scene where Lex Luthor talks to A.I. in Zod's ship is similar to the scene where Lex enters Fortress of Solitude in Superman II. 

The fact that Luthor uses to ship to turn Zod's body to Doomsday reminds us of the other time Luthor of Kevin Spacy uses Krypton crystals to create a Kryptonite continent in Superman Returns 2006.

15. Batman's Weapons

Batman begins the showdown with Superman by using sound waves. This, as well as  Kryptonite shooting, again, is taken from The Dark Knight Returns. 

Many details in the battle and the armor are also taken from the comics. 

16. The Riddle

The question mark in the photo is said to be related to The Riddler.

17. Lois Lane

Lois Lane trying to get in the red helicopter on the roof of Daily Planet reminds the best scene in Superman The Movie. 

18. Doomsday

Doomsday is created by Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Jerry Ordway, Louise Simonson, and Roger Stern in 1992, for the purpose of killing Superman. And he completes his mission in Superman #75.

Krypton origin of Doomsday is not revealed until much later even though he does not have the body of Zod or ADN of Lex Luthor. However, the idea of Doomsday as a continuously evolving killing machine is totally from the comics. 

The image of Batman in the battle with Doomsday is taken from the cover of "The Dark Knight Returns".

19. Superman Revives

The image where Superman is affected by a nuclear bombs, turning into a zombie lookalike then reviving thanks to immersing himself in sunlight is also taken from "The Dark Knight Returns".

20. Superman’s Death

Superman accepts to sacrifice his life while carrying a piece of Kryptonite reminds us the movie "Superman Returns".

21. Lois Lane Embraces Superman

The scene where Lois embraces the body of Superman at the end of the movie is taken from the drawings of Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding in Superman #75.