8 Facts You Might Not Have Known About DC's Deathstroke

Posted 2016/09/15 5488 0

Just one week ago, EW confirmed that Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello has been cast to play Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in Affleck’s upcoming solo Batman movie. If you are wondering who he is, check out this list to get to know more about the most versatile villain in the DC Universe.


1. His First Ever Appearance is in 'Teen Titans #2'

Deathstroke is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. He is a mercenary and assassin who first appeared in The New Teen Titans #2. Wizard magazine rated him the 24th greatest villain of all time. Also, in 2009, Deathstroke was ranked as IGN's 32nd greatest comic book villain of all time.


2. He Gained Powers from an Experimental Super-Soldier Project

A military man, Slade Wilson was recruited into the special ops unit Team 7, where he participated in highly dangerous classified missions. Willing to do whatever he could to better himself, Slade underwent an experimental procedure that granted him enhanced speed, strength and intelligence, effectively making him the world's greatest soldier.


3. He's Got Children

One of the most important roles Slade Wilson has fulfilled since his debut has been that of a father. His children have gone on to become major players in the DC Universe, all driven to prove themselves to or distance themselves from their father: Grant, an unstable mercenary with meta-human enhancement; Joey, the aforementioned son who had the power to possess other bodies and fought side by side with the Titans as Jericho for a very long time and Rose, the second Ravager, daddy’s little girl, who soon joined the Titans and has displayed the same twisted code of honor as dear old dad.


4. He Appeared In the TV Series ‘Arrow’

Manu Bennett played Slade Wilson in Arrow during seasons two and three. In April 2015, Bennett complained to TheMusic.com.au about not being able to appear on the show again. “I think Deathstroke had a lot of possibilities with Arrow but, I think they took it in the wrong direction,’ Bennett said. “I think they should have honoured the Marv Wolfman character who was literally unstoppable. I read the DC comic books and thought Deathstroke was so bad arse because they make it that nobody can stop him. He’s not even super-powered, he is just a mercenary.” The interview sparked speculation that Deathstroke wouldn’t appear on the show again because Warner Bros. wants to use him in a movie.


5. He Hates Green Arrow with a Passion

Ollie was not the one to take out Slade's eye, but their relationship is still really, really bad. During an incident involving the Justice League and Slade, Ollie tried to stop Slade by smashing a broken arrow right into Slade's empty eye socket. This of course, while doing nothing to stop him, enraged Slade and he started pummeling Ollie, trying to kill him. He was stopped but this started a rivalry that border lined a vendetta. Slade tried to destroy Ollie wherever and whenever he could, trying to unmask him during his mayoral term and later on to crash his wedding with Black Canary.


6. Deadpool Is Really a Deathstroke Knock Off

Wade Wilson is highly inspired by Deathstroke. Both men are mercenaries, are physically enhanced, have an affinity for battle, use swords, and have a huge arsenal of guns. So, Deadpool’s suit isn’t the only thing directly inspired by other characters. Luckily, Deadpool still stands on his own as a character, despite all of these inspirations.


7. Deathstroke Was Part of the Suicide Squad

Deathstroke was part of the Suicide Squad team in DC New 52. He worked with them and then left in the same issue. Deathstroke and the Joker’s Daughter were recruited by Vic Sage to whip the existing team, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Black Manta, into shape but they had their own plans and turned their first mission upside down. Unlike other squad members he didn’t join as a prisoner. He was a mercenary for hire and betrayed the team in Russia. He was defeated by the team and his story later continued in his own series.


8. He Won’t Be the Only Batman Villain Appearing in Ben Affleck’s Solo Movie

Deathstroke isn’t expected to be the only villain appearing in Affleck’s Batman movie. In May, Birth.Movies.Death. reported that Affleck was going to try to squeeze in as many as possible. Obviously, many of them will be as cameos, so we can’t even be sure if Deathstroke will be the main bad guy or just one of the characters in a cameo. CBR suspects that the video also means that Deathstroke will appear in Justice League. TheWrap is reporting that Deathstroke will be the main villain. With a backstory like his, Deathstroke should make for a perfect movie villain. However, Affleck’s tweet included no text, just the video.