Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson Reunite in the Third Installment of Shanghai Noon

Posted 2016/09/07 5434 0

13 years after the release of "Shanghai Noon"'s sequel, Shanghai Knights, the duo Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are in talks to team up once again for a new installment.


THR reports that Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess, who releases his long-delayed comedy Masterminds later this month, has signed on to helm the new sequel, titled Shanghai Dawn. Wilson and Chan are still in talks to reprise their roles from the first two films, which, as the titles implied, saw the unlikely pairing of heroes tackle the wild wild west and the far more civil landscape of London, respectively. Details are being kept buried, but the story is by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, who wrote 2000’s Shanghai Noon and 2003’s Shanghai Knights. Theodore Riley and Aaron Buchsbaum wrote the script. According to Wikipedia, Owen Wilson once said Shanghai Dawn could maybe start in Hollywood and then go to Africa or the pyramids in Egypt, but who knows if that’s still the case.

The original was an East-meets-West buddy comedy about a Chinese man (Chan) who is forced to team up with an outlaw (Wilson) to save a Chinese princess. The movie turned out to be a surprise hit, making a little under $100M worldwide and led to the London-set sequel that opened three years later and made less, about $88M worldwide.

However, with renewed deals with Chan in China, it seems like whatever the action/comedy actor touches has interest in the Middle Kingdom these days. His last film, Skiptrace with Jackass actor Johnny Knoxville and country favorite Fan BingBing, opened to a big $62.2M in China, marking his biggest ever opening in the Middle Kingdom for a live-action film. Chan is also being named as one of this year’s honorees for the Governors Awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

There was a rumor about Shanghai Dawn coming together last summer from Tracking Board but since their track record for rumors isn’t so great, the story didn’t gain any traction. Their report indicated that Lucy Liu would also return with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, but that’s not mentioned anywhere in the latest update.