Kingsman 2 May Be A Part of a Trilogy, Halle Berry Joins the Cast

Posted 2016/03/14 4581 0

Halle Berry has signed to join the cast of "Kingsman: The Secret Service 2" and in the contract, there is not only one film.

Most of famous movie brands do not go to an end after only 2 movies, therefore the news that the third movie of Kingsman: The Secret Service is planned should not be a big shock. But the most exciting news is what they have just revealed. Accordingly, "catwoman" Halle Berry has signed on for the role of a CIA Agent, with an option to appear in two movies. This movie marks the return of Halle Berry to 20th Century Fox after playing as Storm in 4 X-Men movies. 

Through the contract, we can be sure that at least we will have 3 Kingsman movies to enjoy watching. In case the next installments continue becoming a hit, sooner or later the filmmakers will produce more and more movies to satisfy their fans because the films are based on a comics series.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a 2014 British spy comedy film directed by Matthew Vaughn, and based on the comic book The Secret Service, created by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar. Kingsman unexpectedly became a hit when released in February last year, grossed over $414 million worldwide, becoming Vaughn's most commercially successful film to date. Obviously, the 20th Century Fox immediately seized the opportunity to make a sequel, in this case, a few sequels. Kingsman 2 production process is planned to start this spring. Taron Edgerton returns as Eggsy. Besides, Oscar-winner Julianne Moore signed to play in the movie as a villain.

What makes us most curious about is the storyline. There is no information to confirm Kingsman 2 will be a bridge to Kingsman 3 or the both will be independent movies. Or maybe the ending of Kingsman 2 will be shocking enough for us to wait for Kingsman 3. Unfortunately, as little as we know, Kingsman 2 is set in USA. With Halle Berry playing as the director of the CIA, it seems that the audience will have the opportunity to see Eggsy go to the other side of the ocean to battle villains.

This was also revealed by Mark Strong in an interview with Movies with Ali Plumb (Radio 1).: "All I know is that I think it's starting in May. And I think we're going to be shooting in the States as well as the UK. So I think there's an American element to the film, but to be honest that's all I know."

Earlier, there was a rumour that Colin Firth would return as Harry Hart, even when he was dead in the original movie. However, he confirmed not to return and the next movie will mainly focus on Eggsy. So far there is still no detailed information about the villain played by Julianne Moore as well as the return of Sofia Boutella, Sophie Cookson and Michael Caine.

Director Matthew Vaughn will continue directing the next movie, with the script he co-wrote with his wife Jane Goldman. The production is expected to begin next month in order for Taron Edgerton to be able to film Robin Hood: Origins at the end of this summer. The 20th Century Fox has scheduled the release date of June 19, 2017, meaning that it will have to compete with Cars 3 of Disney/Pixar.

Halle Berry recently plays a main role in X-Men: Days of Future Past of the 20th Century Fox and she will take part in a thriller movie of Relativity named Kidnap (directed by Luis Prieto). She also appeared with the lead role in the series Extant of CBS, which is unfortunately was stopped after 2 seasons.