Love 3D – Shocking Unsimulated Sex

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Love was filmed in 3D with real and uncensored sex scenes, which caused a storm. Almost no information about Love had been released to the press, people only knew it’s "real sex in 3D", and the two sexual posters (the official one: three mouths dripping saliva as they kiss and the adult-only alternative: a penis dripping semen post-climax) but director Gaspar Noé’s reputation guarantees that it can’t be a boring movie. The atmosphere of tense excitement later exploded into a brawl between ticketed guests vying for the last seats. This 130-minute melodrama is fixated on penises, but it also has a plot, it revolves around a young man named Murphy who has to get married after he cheated on his ex Electra with Omi, which led to a split condom, which led to the baby, which led to his misery. When he knows that his ex is missing, for the rest of this day, Murphy recalls his past with Electra, filled with drug abuse, rough sex, and tender moments. The movie therefore is full of naked sex, oral sex, hand job, threesome and even a shot of an erect cock splooging directly at the camera. And remember it, it's in 3D. 

Many viewers do agree with Noé that sex should not be one of cinema’s last taboos like he said “Most people have a sexual life that’s not far from the one you see in my movie. Why it’s not portrayed in cinema more often, I don’t know.” But the film has also picked up enemies. In France, a campaign, lead by the rightwing pressure group Promouvoir, succeeded in bumping its rating up from 16 to 18 after release. In Russia, legislator Vitaly Milonov – a state-endorsed anti-gay campaigner – compared the film to Mein Kampf. The politician told the Russian News Service that Love, which also includes girl-on-girl lovemaking and a scene with a naked transexual, could be “studied for scientific purposes but can’t be openly distributed”.

Noé’s second film, Irréversible, is a reverse chronology thriller featuring the graphic rape of a pregnant woman. His third, Enter the Void, includes a shot where the camera zooms into an aborted fetus. It does not make sense to Noé that Love has caused such a fuss.
“It’s so weird that the violence of Irréversible or the drug use in Enter the Void was considered less risky than these images of natural, loving full sex,” he says. “It makes no sense.”
“All governments like controlling people’s sexuality. Whoever has the power has the power because they can castrate the people. There’s something chaotic in sex. When people start fucking, there are no more classes – a pussy’s a pussy.”

This is an arguable topic, but we still have to admit that Noé’s visual storytelling and framing of scenes is superb, meaning that so many scenes here, especially the sex, are quite honestly beautifully captured.

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