The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Draws Criticisms from Parents Television Council

Posted 2016/10/25 5943 0

The Parents Television Council feels that the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead crossed the line, saying the episode was too violent for families to watch, Comic Book reports.


AMC's The Walking Dead delivered its most shocking and violent episode to date with Sunday's season seven premiere. The episode, which picked up with the events from the divisive season six finale, featured the shocking and brutal deaths of two series regulars.

The episode featured charismatic psychopath Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) proving a point to Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group that they are no longer in charge. Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) went first, the result of Negan's random selection, with his death coming after the former Army sergeant volunteered to take one from the team. And take one he did: Negan used Lucille, his barbed wire covered bat, to beat him to death. But not before he got in one last line: "Suck my nuts!" It's considered the most graphically violent episode of the series to date. The Parent's Television Council, an organization dedicated to "protecting children from sex, violence and profanity in the media", feels the episode went too far.

Tim Winter, president of the media watchdog group, said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter: “Last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead was one of the most graphically violent shows we’ve ever seen on television, comparable to the most violent of programs found on premium cable networks." Tim added: "It’s not enough to ‘change the channel,’ as some people like to advocate, because cable subscribers, regardless of whether they want AMC or watch its programming, are still forced to subsidize violent content. This brutally-explicit show is a powerful demonstration of why families should have greater control over the TV networks they purchase from their cable and satellite providers.”

Executive producer Greg Nicotero is standing by episode. Speaking to on Monday morning, Nicotero, who also directed the premiere, told his side of the story.

"It's unfortunate that people want to take a negative spin on it because as far as I’m concerned I’m dedicated to watching a show to see where it goes next," Nicotero said. "That means we have done something to affect these people in a way they don’t necessarily know how to process."


Founded in 1995 by right-wing religious activist L. Brent Bozell III, The Parents Television Council remains the most prominent conservative media criticism outfit in the United States. The organization publishes reviews and organizes campaigns against entertainment companies regarding programs they deem indecent or unsuitable for viewing by children. The group’s stated philosophy is that any content freely available to be accessed by children must be acceptable for their viewing. However, the group has been criticized for advancing their own political and religious agenda – by including non-violent and non-explicit content (such as positive portrayals of LGBT relationships or left-wing social cau

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